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notes from our whimsical Swedish days between city + sea
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    It’s that time of of year: time for easy entertaining. I love table settings as a creative way to invite kids to help prepare and become involved in a dinner party and all that making dining an experience. When they do, I think it deepens children’s experiences of dining and invites kids right into the art of a

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    Father’s Day: 10 things to make for Dad: 1 Super Dad Pillowcase |  2. Hamburger Cupcakes | 3. Printable SUPERDAD 3D Cards | 4. Handprint Father’s Day Card |  5. Father’s Day Etched Grill Set | 6. DIY ALPHABET CONTAINER | 7. Mustache Stencil Card | 8. Bow Tie Napkin | 9 D-A-D Muffins | 10  Secret Storage Book Father’s Day: 10 things to make for Dad: I’ve rounded up 10  kid- tested and approved projects to make for Dad

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  • 06/13/17--13:00: Flower Straw Toppers
  • Flower Straw Toppers are blooms for you to have inside or out! This time of the year, isn’t there always a reason to add a flower detail. These details also need to be quick and easy. After crowning our Maypole Cupcakes with Flower Toppers, we couldn’t stop cutting paper flowers and realised that these would make the perfect

    The post Flower Straw Toppers appeared first on willowday.

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  • 06/29/17--06:21: Watermelon Fairies
  • Does watermelon spell s-u-m-m-e-r  for you, too? If it’s summer near you, then, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll have watermelon in your home at some point this summer. Right? Flowers? Check!  This is why I can’t get these Watermelon Faries into your hands quick enough! Make Watermelon Fairies! Make these yourself or since we’re all looking for happy, healthy, creative

    The post Watermelon Fairies appeared first on willowday.

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  • 07/01/17--05:21: Make a Watermelon Flower
  • Watermelon Flower Greetings. A watermelon flower welcome to July feels just right.  I’m immersed in both flowers and watermelon,  as we’re digging into summer. Are you, too?   How to make super simple Watermelon Flowers: Scoop 2 watermelon balls Place one in the middle of desired plate or bowl. Slice the second ball in 5 slices. Arrange

    The post Make a Watermelon Flower appeared first on willowday.

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  • 07/01/17--18:00: Stockholm with kids
  • With summer vacation here, I’ve received a lot of mails from people requesting my favorite things to do with kids in Stockholm. I wanted to take a little extra time to put together an updated list with things we do and places I return to time and time again with visitors.  Stockholm is a very

    The post Stockholm with kids appeared first on willowday.

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    Do you have plans for the 4th of July and will it include ice cream?  There’s nothing like cool, melty, ice cream on a sweltering day. This year, I created Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrappers that are perfect for ice cream gatherings all summer long but inspired by red, white and blue!  Print these Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

    The post Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrappers appeared first on willowday.

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    Where to eat in Stockholm with kids? Food is such a fun way to get to know a city or a culture.   Visiting Stocholm with kids? Here’s an updated list of our favorite places to eat in Stockholm as a family. Where to eat in Stockholm with kids. A traditional Swedish breakfast is usually eaten home: a

    The post Where to eat in Stockholm with kids appeared first on willowday.

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    1. DIY Dala Horses  or DIY Dala Containers | 2. Dala Horse, Moose or Snowman Snow Flakes | 3. DIY Paper “Little Red Swedish” Treehouse This summer, I’m thinking  of very easy projects and Swedish Travels. Are you  travelling to Sweden or interested in something-Swedish?  Creating projects with your hands can be a perfect way to prepare your kids to come

    The post Easy Paper Swedish-inspired Projects for kids appeared first on willowday.

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  • 08/25/17--02:57: How to Monogram a Pie
  • Happy Summer. Happy School Year. Happy Willowday. If you can bake a pie, you can Monogram a Pie. I can think up endless reasons why everyone should and could Monogram a Pie. Monogram a Pie for a party. Monogram a Pie as a fun project with your kids.  Follow me below for what you need to know to Monogram a Pie, too. The

    The post How to Monogram a Pie appeared first on willowday.

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  • 09/26/17--04:00: Make an Apple Chain
  • Apple Rescue. Bird Buffet. Nature Craft. I call these Apple Chains. I’ve been out rescuing apples this week. Every time I see one in the grass, I feel a small pang but, no more: I have a solution: We’ve made Apple Chains. These little beauties make me happy every time I pass them and wonder

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  • 09/30/17--23:08: Halloween Countdown
  • You asked for it. Let’s go: An updated version of the Halloween Countdown Calendar .     I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know that you enjoy my Halloween Countdown Calendars and have asked me to keep them updated. This is the kind of work that I love to do . PRINT

    The post Halloween Countdown appeared first on willowday.

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  • 10/05/17--03:35: Dala Horse Banks
  • No ticket to Sweden required, to make this classic, oh-so-Swedish, souvenir for you in the comfort of your own home with your kids. (You’ll want to make one, too. I promise.) These are simple + functional; decorative, but, can also be used for imaginative play, groups of young creatives and, at the end of it all: a bank: Make Dala

    The post Dala Horse Banks appeared first on willowday.

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    I can find balls in every shape and color in the corners of my house. This provides me plenty of time to study, everyday objects. Last week, as if by magic, I looked at a new box of ping pong balls and saw Halloween Google-Eye Cupcake Toppers.  Come with me below and I’ll share the hokus pokus behind these

    The post Halloween Google-Eye Cupcake Toppers appeared first on willowday.

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    What started as a Halloween doodle, began to then double as Halloween placemats; and before I knew it, multiplied into many different fun Halloween items that I wanted to share with you today. These are Printable Halloween Popcorn Bags that can be coloured or left plain. They are also Halloween doodles, Halloween Placemats, Halloween Playmats, Halloween Wrapping

    The post Printable Halloween Popcorn Bags appeared first on willowday.

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    It’s the season for Halloween fun and I wanted to get these into youy hands just in time for the weekend: Abracadabra: Printable Halloween Paper Dolls in the blink of an eye.  Print these Printable Halloween Paper Dolls just for fun or leave them whole and use these as Halloween Cards or  Halloween party favours. If

    The post Printable Halloween Paper Dolls appeared first on willowday.

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  • 11/22/17--05:38: Snow Globe Days
  • We’re experiencing a snowy week, leading up to American Thanksgiving. Saying this holiday’s name is the perfect prompt for gratitude.  I’m grateful for our friends here.  I’m grateful for all of the past years Thanksgiving tables that I’ve shared with many dear friends here while thinking of my family back home. I love to cook and to entertain

    The post Snow Globe Days appeared first on willowday.

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  • 11/27/17--16:00: 8 Snowman Projects for Kids
  • 8 Snowman Projects for Kids! Snowman decorations, Snowman kids activities, Ballerina Snowmen, Snowmen holiday decorations, Snowman party decor or Snowmen, just because. I grew up in the north and, during the holidays, welcomed Frosty the Snowman every year. I think I even looked for him near green houses.  My kids have never confessed the same but,

    The post 8 Snowman Projects for Kids appeared first on willowday.

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    Welcome Ane with DAY 22! Material: paper, scissors, needle and thread or machine   How to:  Cut trees from folded paper . Cut a minimum three similar trees Sew  them together (I use a sewing machine) in the middle. Unfold   Thank you, Ane Kirstine from Denmark for your post. Continue here to see more of Ane Kirstine’s creative world in Denmark. 

    The post DAY 22 | Paper Tree Decorations appeared first on willowday.

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    Welcome Dörte of Lewes Maps, in England with DAY 23:  Simple ivy wreath and tiny origami stars I’ve made this simple ivy wreath with tiny origami stars you can see when you pop it over. Turn them into hanging ones if you thread a ribbon through them or if you thread a few of them onto a

    The post DAY 23 | Simple ivy wreath and tiny origami stars appeared first on willowday.

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  • 02/12/18--03:57: February Desktop Wall Paper
  • Hello there on this February Monday.  We have snow and I can’t hold roses from my garden in my hand but, I can surround myself with them AND I’m sending you some, too! I have a gift for you: February Desktop Wall Paper. It’s Monday. I’m going to get right to the point: jump below to get yours

    The post February Desktop Wall Paper appeared first on willowday.

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  • 05/20/18--04:03: A Royal Wedding
  • I’m blushing but, not like a bride. I’m hoping to distract you from the fact that I’ve missed even saying hello in April or May. I’d like to invite you, instead, to jump right back into willowday with me.  I do have this foliage portrait of a blushing Megan Markle as a bride that I

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    “Fir Fox + 24 Flower Friends” traveled to Ami Maes  and her, Handmakery’s Studio, in Colorado to participate in an ABC FLOWER SAFARI exhibit and a collaboration last week! Fir Fox and 25 Friends — all made from flowers and hand-printed cardboard — served as my willowday Ambassadors and are a part of a 30 piece Exhibit that

    The post Sneak Peak: Fir Fox + friends go abroad (“My ABC Flower Safari”) appeared first on willowday.

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    Do you have the Peanut’s Thanksgiving Song Track playing in your mind this week or finding yourself day dreaming about double-crust ideas?  You’re in good company. Continue with me… I listened to a podcast yesterday where writer Adam Gopnik philosophised that in present day America if, “A Christmas Carol” were revisited, it might be called

    The post 10 things for Thanksgiving Week appeared first on willowday.

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    It’s finally here! My,  ABC Flower Safari , children’s book. ORDER ,ABC Flower Safari, on  Etsy (in the US and international ORDERS) | HERE ABC Flower Safari | Click HERE to ORDER CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK|  US + Internationally  About the book: Parents and children I invite you away on an ABC Flower Safari adventure and

    The post ABC FLOWER SAFARI: An enchanted flower animal A-B-C adventure book appeared first on willowday.

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    Welcome to The Christmas Countdown. I’m so excited to get the countdown started and to present the first creative and project! Make Christmas Finger Puppets with Karin + Freya from Pysselbolaget…  follow along below for DAY 1. Get creative and cozy with your kids to make Christmas finger puppets.  These are a perfect Holiday quiet moment craft or would

    The post DAY 1 | The Christmas Countdown: Christmas finger puppets appeared first on willowday.

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    Winter holidays and sweet-treats go hand in hand. In Sweden, Gingerbread Cookies top the list, but, I grew up with a tradition that included many different types of holiday cookies. My Great-Grandmother’s Christmas Eve cookie plate was more like a platter than plate; and it brimmed with every family member’s cookie favourite along with our

    The post 5 FESTIVE CHRISTMAS SHAPED TREATS TO MAKE WITH KIDS appeared first on willowday.

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    Welcome to the daily Christmas Countdown Calendar, DAY 5. Today, it’s Helena Lyth’s Day and she is sharing a Ginger Bread Cookie Place Card.  A fun twist to add to any holiday occasion with Ginger Bread Cookie Place Cards .  It’s a pleasure to welcome  Helena back for her 5th year of holiday creativity!  Helena’s shared many lovely projects through these past

    The post DAY 5 | The Christmas Countdown: Gingerbread Cookie Place Card. appeared first on willowday.

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    Oh what a treat Lia’s brought us today: DAY 6:  Gingerbread and Saffron Ice Cream Cake Lia’s joining us all the way “from her farm in the Australia!” Believe it or not, despite how wonderful this far-away-life sounds,  Lia was born and raised in Sweden but, she shares that at this time of the year she misses

    The post DAY 6: The Christmas Countdown: Gingerbread and Saffron Ice Cream Cake appeared first on willowday.

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    Hello Friends. Welcome Marie and Hello DAY 7 in THE CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN  I was just thrilled when Marie agreed to share with you again this year. I love to see the crafts that Marie and her kids make. Their enthusiasm comes through and I like to image the process.  It’s Marie’s 3rd year to share

    The post DAY 7: The Christmas Countdown: Felted Wool Ornaments appeared first on willowday.

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    I’m always ready to celebrate kids and play. In the 4th YEAR Holiday Countdown,  I invited 4 creatives to come share a special section JUST FOR KIDS. Find 5 Ornaments to make with kids below.  Follow Willowday on Instagram for MORE FUN IDEAS | HERE    5 Scandinavian – inspired Ornaments that kids can make  Ornament

    The post 5 Scandinavian – inspired Ornaments that kids can make  appeared first on willowday.

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    Opening a mail from Arielle at ARTCAMP  is pure delight. She has this rare ability to know what I’d like before even I know what I’d like . She’s done it again with this DIY for a 3 Tier Chandelier Wreath her “DAY 8” Contribution in The Christmas Countdown  Welcome Arielle and welcome friends to Arielle’s DAY 8

    The post DAY 8 | The Christmas Countdown | 3 Tier Chandelier Wreath appeared first on willowday.

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  • 12/10/18--03:30: Lucia Essentials
  • This is a week with festivities galore in Sweden. Today, December 10,  is the day of the Nobel Banquet in the Stocholm City Hall. December 13 will bring Lucia celebrations: the Swedish celebration of light, set on what was, at one time, considered to be the shortest day of the year. As much as I would love to

    The post Lucia Essentials appeared first on willowday.

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    Welcome to DAY 14 with Mia, Miakinoko, who’s sharing a treat just in time for weekend baking: Christmas Candy. Mia has a lovely Instagram feed with scenes of her every day life + family with things that she truly makes — and makes beautifully.  You can follow her HERE at Miakinoko. I’ve recently learned that Mia’s a seamstress

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  • 12/15/18--04:33: Winter Wonderland Wishes
  • 5 things for the weekend. Winter Wonderland Wishes “The night threads heavily around yards and dwellings. In places never reached by the sun, the shadows brood. Into our dark houses she comes, bearing lighted candles, Saint Lucia, Saint Lucia.” … . —- Traditional Swedish Lucia lyrics We’ve celebrated the Swedish holiday, Lucia, this week. My family

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    Welcome to DAY 25 of The Creative Christmas Calendar with Leonor of Froken Turkos. Whether you’re celebrating with a group or cosy at home, she shares how to make simple Hanging Paper Cups Wishing you a wonderful day and if you celebrate the Christmas holidays, wishing you a very special Christmas Day. Leonor’s shared a lovely way to

    The post DAY 25 | The Creative Christmas: Make Hanging Paper Cups appeared first on willowday.